ChiRunning Workshop
Your first step towards pain-free running
1/2 Day Workshop - Sunday April 23rd in Basel

REGISTRATION CLOSES ON APRIL 20th or when we fill the 10 spots.
 Reserve yours!

Is workshop is for you if 
  • You want to take your running to the next level
  • You are recovering from injury
  • You want to stop suffering when you run
  • ​You want to experience running like never before
Perfect for Beginner and Returning Runners


  • Effortless pain free running: Improving the way you run and walk is an important part of the program
  • ​Posture: Improve your everyday posture with ChiRunning
  • Relaxation: If you don't walk and run relaxed you can't go too far


  • Is the workshop physically strenous? No, the workshop consists of short drills. It is not physically challenging
  • It is a 4 hr workshop: Do we run the whole time? No, there is theory and short drills. And we also take a break at half point.
  • What should I bring? A bottle of water and a snack for the break and comfortable gym clothes and running shoes.

What will I learn

  • How to run with less effort
  • ​How to improve your posture to use less energy to run and walk
  • How to use gravity to move forward
  • How to use your whole body as a unit
  • ​How to run faster with less effort
  • ​How to run to prevent injury

Change the way you run and you can go farther and faster than ever without pain and injury

ChiRunning merges the energy flow of T'ai Chi with the mechanics and biology of movement creating a method to run and walk without wasting energy and without impact. 
You will become an efficient runner and walker that can run forever, effortless and pain free.
"This workshop is the before and after in Running"
Former Participant 

Meet Your Instructors

Dieter Denger


Constanza Lisdero

Master ChiRunning/ChiWalking 
Program Director/Instructor

Dominik Müller

Assistant Instructor

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